Industrial Services

Waste Treatment Removal & Disposal

Bailey Brothers OKC can safely and effectively remove and dispose of your industrial waste. Fully licensed and certified, our team can meet all of your waste management needs. We manage drummed and on-site bulk waste treatment and removal, as well as competitive pricing and a professional, seasoned staff.

 Industrial Waste Treatment
Disposal of Waste Oils, Disposal of Coolant Oils, Disposal of Waste Water, Solid, Semi-Solid and Liquid Waste Removal, Grease Trap Cleaning, Mud Traps Cleaning, Manufacturing Processes Clean Up, Municipal Waste Water Treatment, Clearing Refinery Product Lines Clearing, Power Plant Fly Ash Lines, Coal and Grain Dust Vacuuming, Tank Cleaning and Sand Blasting, Baghouse Cleaning, Pipeline Pigging, Coal and Chemical Spill Clean-up, Oil and Rubber Removal from Airports, Industrial Waste Recovery, Facility Inspection, Separator, Pipe Line and Sump Cleaning.

Our service is tailored to your business, to meet your exact needs, and maintenance programs are available for facilities large and small for regular waste removal. These maintenance plans allow us to offer you reliable, planned services in a timely manner and reduce your waste storage overhead.

 Tank Pumping & Mobile Vacuum Truck Services

Our fleet of vacuum plumbing trucks are at your disposal. Ranging from 3,000 to 7,000 gallons, our trucks are standing by to transfer your industrial waste. We offer both wet and dry vacuuming services for any size job.

 Mobile Vacuum Services
Our vacuum service includes 24/7 Service, Wet and Dry Vacuum, Contaminant Removal, Transportation and Disposal, Waste Clean-up and Waste Material Testing

 Commercial Tank & Municipal Pumping
Grease and waste build-up can lead to poor tank performance and require regular removal. Our tank cleaning service can keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. Mud Traps, Holding Tanks, Coolant Oils, Car Wash Pits, Sewage Lift Stations and Waste Streams.


Building & Equipment Cleaning

Tank & Pipe Cleaning
Regular maintenance can extend the life of your plumbing and waste systems. We are experienced in a variety of waste and cleaning services, such as: tank and pipe cleaning, septic system cleaning, industrial grease trap cleaning, waste transport services, 24-hour emergency response, HAZWOPER certified, mobile hydro-blasting services, spill clean-up, confined space entry, food manufacturing waste removal, storm water, municipal treatment sludge, municipal sanitary sewer, utility manholes, car & truck wash mud, Laundry mud, equipment wash down, machining fluids, foundry sand and silicate and industrial process waste water.

 Water & Hydro Jetting
Bailey brothers offers water jet cleaning for residential and commercial customers in Oklahoma City, OK. Our pressure washers blast blocked drains clear in seconds and can remove grease, sludge, and debris from your plumbing. Blow through debris left behind by root diggers and pipe augers to truly restore your pipes to peak performance. Pressure washers can not only restore your pipes, but your home, business and vehicles. The high-pressure water removes years from fences and siding and removes layers of dirt in a few passes.

 Video Inspection
We can avoid costly digging and trenching because of our advanced plumbing video camera inspection services. We can run a line into a plumbing or waste system and check for pipe integrity problems. The video system can help us diagnose the problem quickly, and it helps us identify and repair potential plumbing issues before they become problems.

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